How kids can be prepared for future technology jobs

Raising kids, while it can be a rewarding and enjoyable thing to do in the moment, is largely about preparing them for the future. The aspect of their future lives that will be most dominant is probably their future job. You can certainly influence their choice of profession but the decision should ultimately be up to them. All you can do is help to prepare them for their future job, and one broad area that could be a good option is technology.

Why technology?

Tech careers fall into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) category of subjects. STEM careers offer some advantages over non-STEM careers, chief of which is the salary size. Studies have demonstrated that STEM salaries are at the higher end, with workers earning over $65,000 on average. Most parents want their kids to have a comfortable life with no money troubles, and getting them prepared for future technology jobs is a great way to achieve this. There are a number of ways in which kids can be prepared.

Understanding, not just using technology

Kids nowadays will grow up with a technological literacy that older generations never had. Computers and smartphones are a part of everyday life, and your kids will probably spend plenty of time playing games or doing homework on various gadgets. However, while this will help them understand the technology to a certain extent, you should encourage your kids to look deeper. There are ways to help kids understand the computers they are using – for example, the Raspberry Pi kits allow your kids to learn how to build their own computer. Gaining an understanding of how technology works will allow them to better appreciate what they use, and will instill skills that they can use in their future tech careers.

Doing STEM at elementary school

This is a hugely important way in which kids can be prepared for tech jobs, because it starts so early on in their schooling. The earlier on you introduce kids to STEM education, the better prepared they will be. If they have a STEM education, they will be required to learn the exact same skills that will be useful later on in a tech career – critical thinking, creative problem solving, analytical skills and much more. There are various private and international schools that teach STEM education, so if you are looking for somewhere to send your children that will prepare them, try

Using online resources

There are many online resources available that can help kids learn technology skills. For example, Turtle Academy teaches kids how to use basic code commands to direct a turtle around a 2D plane. It is very simple stuff but it introduces your kids to the world of coding, in which you have to type things correctly in order to ensure that the commands work. There are other resources, too, which help your kids with other technology skills they will need in their future tech careers.


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