Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Apple Support App

The app is reportedly being built with the intention of reducing strain on the Genius Bar – that’s the support desk located in brick-and-mortar Apple Stores.

Recently leaked photos reveal a support app that replaces the Genius Bar trip, an app that Apple seems to be working on so iDevice owners can solve their problems without ever leaving their homes.

Whenever you have a serious issue with your Apple device, the best thing you can do is pay a visit to the closest store and use the Genius Bars, in order to get quick answers and solutions.

Apple is planning on making troubleshooting problems easier without visiting a physical Apple Store, according to screenshots leaked to uSwitch.

It then gives customers the opportunity to “book a service, send their device in for service, or give a call to Apple”.

As of now, it’s not clear if or when Apple will launch the app as there’s also the possibility that the software behind this might just be merged with the Store app instead.

The app will be featured with Apple’s official guide along with a “how to’s” guides as well, which will be helpful to fix common issues regarding Apple devices.

Options to access all devices assigned to an Apple ID will also be offered, and so will links to purchase AppleCare+ and manage connectivity options. If worse comes to worst, the app will help you contact support or schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar.

The app will ask the user a couple of simple questions to determine the nature of the technical issue. Let us know in the comments. Search results will also be based on the registered device via Apple ID.

The leak shows a group named “health and fitness” for the Apple Watch and the Health app on the iPhone, and “pairing and connectivity” for accessories like Apple Pencil, or bluetooth, and of course, the Apple Watch itself which users can sync with their iPhones. This will benefit both Apple and their customers.

Rumor has it Apple is to release an app saving you Genius Bar time with the first to release the leak being Sonny Dickson with uSwitch


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