Offbeat humour and upbeat messages dominate Super Bowl 50 ads

This year’s spots were viewed more than 374 million times before kick-off, according to research firm

Did you see the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial during Super Bowl 50 Sunday night?

(2) Super Bowl MVP Von Miller strips the ball from Cam Newton’s hand with four minutes remaining in the 4th quarter and the Panthers down by 6.

Matt Damon returns as super spy Jason Bourne in this teaser for the upcoming film.

In other words: typical Bourne stuff.

My personal favorite. A father and former “Commander” takes the spaceship-like Audi R8 out for a ride with his son in order to re-live his glory days in space.

One of the most popular ads early on in the game was by carmaker Audi featuring the song Starman by the recently deceased David Bowie. Historically, views of Super Bowl ads peak on Monday, the day after the game.

Snickers went for something different by transforming an irate Willem Defoe into Marilyn Monroe with a candy bar.

A Skittles spot starring Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was pretty blah. The rocker wins when the portrait explodes while nailing the high note from “Dream On”.

Other ads with offbeat humor: Bud Light featured Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen traveling around America promoting “The Bud Light Party”. TurboTax, for instance, enlisted Anthony Hopkins to get out the message that you can file your taxes for free with TurboTax. The reason he’s not selling out, he says? The script tries to justify this strategy, claiming that the actor is not selling out since the tax-filing service is free and “there’s nothing to sell”. The spot was Budweiser’s first anti-drunken-driving spot during the Super Bowl since 2005.

Love it or hate it, Mountain Dew’s weird ad showing a creature that was part puppy, part monkey and part baby was one of the most talked about spots of the evening.

Dogs dressed up as humans shop for Doritos chips. An ad called “Envy”, about opioid-induced constipation, featured a man watching a dog making a bowel movement and considering a sign for prune juice. But just getting your ad in front of millions of Americans – many of whom tune in specifically to catch the ads – isn’t necessarily enough to garner buzz.

Another ad promoted the diarrhea relief medication Xifazan. Jublia, a treatment for toenail fungus, also ran an ad. More than two million had done so as of late Sunday night.

The Super Bowl is known for inspiring lots of eating and lavish spreads of food.

The singer appears at the end of the spot, crooning away with San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge behind him.

The 30-second Doritos commercial features a pregnant mother getting ultrasound at nine months while the father of the baby is over on the side of the room eating a bag of nacho cheese Doritos. YouTube


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