Porcello leads Sox by Yankees

Apr 24, 2018

It was a rare display of emotion from an unemotional man. Many managers, especially in damp, cold conditions early in the season, are hesitant to send a starting pitcher back out after a rain delay as a precaution against injury.

He’s day-to-day and likely won’t be in the Red Sox’s lineup vs. the Orioles on Friday. He re-read “The Mental ABC’s of Pitching”, the tome of late longtime sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman.

Red Sox games have a 5-5 over/under record so far in 2018. Porcello even rigged up a string in those spring bullpen sessions to better identify where his pitches were entering the strike zone. Kelly made a decision to take it upon himself to give it back to Austin for the earlier events and he threw a 98 miles per hour fastball straight at Austin.

Austin said he felt like the pitch was intentional, according to MLB.com. That’s the biggest thing. I thought game two would be low scoring and no one would start an issue.

And make no mistake, the Red Sox are counting on it. As a player for the Yankees, Austin predictably got pretty triggered so he charged the mound and just like that, the benches cleared.

On Thursday night, the 28-year-old righty nibbled – as he’s known to do – instead of attacking. “That’s why I went out there”.

For the second time in three years, Cleveland Indians pitcher Carlos Carrasco tossed a complete game against the Detroit Tigers.

Price said cold hands are something he has dealt with since his childhood, and whenever the temperature falls it intensifies the situation. Whatever the reason, if your a Yankee or Red Sox fan you just can’t wait for the next 16 times these two teams will meet this season.

It was an eventful series for a pair of clubs together with World Series ambitions.

“I just didn’t execute very well”, Gray (current ERA: 6.92) said, not blaming Sanchez at all.

I know this isn’t hockey where guys lawfully exchange punches on ice as a way to settle personal scores or perceived offenses by the opposing team, but putting a fastball in an opponents backside has been an acceptable part of the game for decades – I dare say for over a century.

Gregorius seemed to enjoy hitting righties on the road past year. The home plate umpire’s wildly inconsistent strike zone may have cheated Porcello of a few strikes.

Austin and Kelly were ejected from the game, along with Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin and reliever Tommy Kahnle. Giancarlo Stanton followed with an infield single but Porcello battled back to escape the jam by retiring the next three hitters.

If this doesn’t amp you up, I don’t know what will. “But now you can call that pitch because he’s going to execute”.

Rick Porcello’s changeup had gone missing.

The Reds’ yard is indeed good for homers.

Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Is Renewed With an Epic Drubbing


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