Roc Nation Countersues Rita Ora

Feb 1, 2016

Jay’s Z’s music label Roc Nation is suing Rita Ora for $2.4 million, according to reports.

The cross-complaint filed on Friday in California Superior Court says the company has “tirelessly promoted” the British beauty’s career – spending millions of dollars to record and promote her 2012 album Ora.

However, the countersuit brought by Roc Nation is possibly an attempt to find common ground between the two parties.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. Back in December, Rita filed suit against Roc Nation because she felt she’d been pushed aside when the company began representing athletes. The state where she now lives has a famous “seven-year rule” that limits enforceability on certain exclusive personal service contracts to seven years.

Roc Nation is asking for that money back PLUS the damages for the four albums that weren’t delivered Rasheeda Frost.

“We believe that Roc Nation’s distributor, Sony Music, has required Roc Nation file this action to preserve whatever rights Sony might have pending resolution”, a statement from the singer’s lawyer, Howard E. King, reads (via USA Today).

The source also said the label didn’t stop the millionaire DJ when he reportedly banned her from using songs he had produced for her album following their break-up in June 2014.

Rita Ora may want to think twice before singing “I Will Never Let You Down” again.

In her filing, Ora claimed she was “orphaned” by Roc Nation when the company turned its focus to sports management and other endeavors.

The filing added: “When Rita signed, Roc Nation and its senior executives were very involved with her as an artist”. As Roc Nation’s interests diversified, there were fewer resources available and the company suffered a revolving door of executives.

According to her lawsuit, Ora’s has been paying out of pocket to promote her new music.

RocNation is suing Rita Ora for $2.4 million


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