Roskomnadzor blocks more than 650, 000 Amazon IP addresses

Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov has warned that banning the service could be counterproductive for Russian Federation, as many users would switch – and pass their data – to US-controlled platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Many lampooned Roskomnadzor’s decision on social media, saying the move to ban so many IP addresses had secondary repercussions, as it also blocked many legitimate web services.

Retailers, online games and another message service – Viber – are also said to have been affected.

Russian Federation has blocked more than 16 million internet protocol addresses in its attempt to ban the popular encrypted messaging app Telegram, leading to interruptions in the service of major websites and media.

Roskomnadzor had already began blocking access to Telegram on Monday following a Friday court ruling, according to Reuters.

Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, claims the app can be used by terrorists.

As promised, Russian Federation has banned the encrypted chat app Telegram as the country continues its absurd war on encryption and privacy.

Users in Russian Federation reported that Telegram still remains online. On Monday evening, according to Anti-Corruption Foundation activist Vladislav Zdolnikov, Roskomnadzor added four “subnet masks” to its “out-load list”, which specifies the domains and websites Russian Internet providers are required to block.

As of this writing Telegram still appears to be on the Russian App Store, though that may be short-lived.

He also name-checks four USA tech giants – Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft – for, as he puts it, “not taking part in political censorship”.

ISPs in Russian Federation have started blocking Telegram immediately after the hearing.

In connection with the blocking of Telegram, the work of numerous services already initiated, including Viber and OneDrive.

In the interview, Zharov admitted that the authorities have been helplessly trying to block Telegram and had to shut down entire networks, some of which have over half a million IP addresses that are used by unrelated, “law-abiding companies”, he said.

On Tuesday, Roskomnadzor issued a statement describing as “inaccurate” reports that its activities had caused any outages.

Russia to enforce nationwide ban on Telegram app


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