Satellite images show craters at alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities

Russian Federation called for an emergency session of United Nations Security Council on Saturday. A resolution needs nine “yes” votes to be passed. That makes degrading it through military strikes far more hard. Trudeau said Canada supports the “unfortunate, but necessary” strikes in Syria in response to chemical weapons use. Monterey is deployed to the USA 5th Fleet area of operations in support of maritime security operations to reassure allies and partners and preserve the freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce in the region. “So we have been conducting researches on anti-cancer medicines here, and three cancer drugs have been developed”, he said. Our warnings have been left unheard. “If we continue on this path, we will soon reach the diplomacy of the absurd”. “We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences”.

“We do not consider this barbaric act by the United States and its satellites a military action”.

Behind closed doors, Trump pushed for a more aggressive response than the one taken previous year, wanting options that would involve attacks on targets in Syria associated with Russian Federation and Iran, officials said. Could not have had a better result.

The president was in a “good mood” and continuing his work in Damascus, agencies cited the lawmakers as saying, and praised the Soviet-era air defence systems Syria used to help to repel the Western attacks.

The British government also published its legal position on the airstrikes after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called the military action “legally questionable“.

The ambassador dismissed the possibility that there might be an escalation of the conflict between Russian Federation and the U.S. which would justify fears of a Third World War.

In a statement on Saturday, the IRGC said the trilateral military strike on Syrian government targets will strengthen the willpower of the anti-terror resistance elements and deepen the Syrian nation’s hatred of the Western-Arab criminals. It famously was on a backdrop banner when President George W. Bush stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier in May 2003 and prematurely declared victory in Iraq.

However, Mattis seemed to have anticipated Russia’s rhetoric and addressed it during a press briefing at the Pentagon on Friday evening. The US also targeted 12 companies operated by the sanctioned oligarchs; Rosoboroneksport, a state-owned weapons manufacturer known to have transported arms to the Syrian regime; and Rosoboroneksport’s subsidiary, the Russian Financial Corporation Bank.

Satellite images show craters at alleged Syrian chemical weapons facilities


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