Sega Ages officially coming to America and Europe this summer

SEGA have announced that it will bringing their line of Sega Ages games to the Switch in 2018.

It was reported that the upcoming Mega Drive Mini will have a number of classic game titles released by Sega.

After Nintendo’s success with the Mini NES and Mini SNES consoles, SEGA has chose to launch their own retro mini console in the form of the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. The games will be developed by M2, the developer of the Sega 3D Classics releases on the 3DS among many other retro remakes. We’ve seen developers take advantage of the Switch’s popularity by raising the cost of some popular games that get ported to the console, but we imagine that these games will be available for a comparable price. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Sega Mega Drive-better known as the Genesis here in the ‘states.

Secondly, SEGA announced the release of Mega Drive Mini following the footsteps of Sega Genesis Mini.

The Sega MegaDrive Mini (also to be known at Sega Genesis Mini in the States) was unveiled during its Sega Fest event now underway in Japan. Not a third party company, not an unlicensed one, it’s all them. More details are likely coming around the bend soon, as Sega will want to keep excitement high by consistently revealing the other titles that will be re-released under the Sega Ages banner.

At a fan festival in Tokyo tonight, Sega confirmed that they would bring their “Sega Ages” label to the Switch eShop worldwide. The console looks just like a mini Sega Genesis console, although it doesn’t hold cartridges like the original model did. There is still no news, however, if there will also be released outside of Japan.

“We will extend this initiative to the Saturn and Dreamcast with your continued support”, he is quoted as telling the crowd at Sega Fes 2018.

Sega Genesis Mini


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