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Nov 23, 2015

The “Thanksgiving Miracle” video aired Saturday (11/21/2015) and has been seen, so far, by more than 3.9 million on YouTube.

McConaughey was an ingratiating host who used his monologue to tell the story of his signature “alright, alright, alright”. He then explained how shooting the bull in an Austin bar somehow led to him being cast as college-age stoner David Wooderson in Dazed. But here, with McConaughey doing a painfully low-energy turn as a Duck Dynasty-look turkey chef overcome by those oven cleaner fumes, this one just died (despite Kate McKinnon’s expertly abrupt fall out of camera range as a woozy Ed Sheeran).

I look around, where I am, well I’m in my 70s Chevelle. You do, however, learn where the “alright, alright, alright” came from. This isn’t true. He hosted in 2003, and the last time we checked, that was only 12 years ago.

The skit features a family Thanksgiving dinner, which is disrupted by people espousing infuriating beliefs.

Star Wars Auditions – It’s not as good as the lost Star Wars auditions from back in 1997 when the Special Editions were all the buzz, but this was still a very fun sketch.

“Thanks Adele“, the young girl says at the end of the skit.

This sketch is as awkwardly-paced as McConaughey’s 3D-printed human-bot, but damned if his weird machine language answers didn’t crack me up. However the best impression goes to Aidy Bryant’s Naomi Judd. After this, we can’t wait to see who will grace the stage next week. The formula for the sketch finds Earl continually asking other people, “Do you think you’re better than me just because you didn’t _?” with each _ escalating into higher stratosphere’s of ridiculousness. This means he might just take a blast to the past with a sequel to one of his previous sketches.

The 10-to-one sketch was a surprisingly well conceptualized situation in which Amtrak held a town meeting for a new upgraded railroad. So, I can get why Americans would be skeptical of other immigrants. Without giving away too much, this sketch is full of a few of the most quotable “SNL” lines since the 90s, with the character who may or may not be the 3D printing of a man saying things like “you’re making a sunglasses guy like me laugh hard from my face”. After that opening monologue (“Welcome to the zoo, we are the monkeys”), I expected more weirdness than he ultimately brought.

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