Stockton’s lone air carrier Allegiant Air under fire after 60 Minutes report

Apr 24, 2018

Florida U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson called Monday for the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate safety at the low-priced carrier Allegiant Air that is the dominant carrier at Orlando-Sanford International Airport and also serves a half-dozen other Florida cities. “And I think round trip, it was around $150”. Everything was on time. “All the bad things I’ve done in my life”, she said to her sister, “and now I’m going to die”.

The report says most of the problems involved aging planes that Allegiant has started to retire. This particular aircraft has been flying since 1989.

“They’re painting a very clear picture that your decision making, if it’s not in the interest of profit, it’s gonna result in your punishment, it’s gonna result in you being terminated, it could result in the end of your career”, Kinzer said. Steve Kroft: This was three years ago.

Evelyn Mayorga, a passenger from California, stated, “Well, I had not heard a lot about it, so this is news to me”.

“If you’re in the airliner, it is landed and is filling up with smoke, I would not wait for the flight crew to tell you to evacuate”, he said. “It’s not that we landed and the plane filled with toxic fumes”, he said. “No problem at all”.

Claire Newell, president of the travel agency Travel Best Bets, said complaints from clients about “customer-service issues that were horrendous” caused her to stop selling Allegiant Airlines flights and discourages clients from requesting them. However the airline points out it has not had a single crash, and nobody has been injured or killed. “And in that time it has flown literally hundreds of thousands of people from the area”.

“I just remember thinking that I would never see my daughter again”, Mercedes Weller says. It also discovered several planes with recurring problems returned to service before they were ready.

After that and comparing experiences with other passengers, “I’m saying, ‘Yeah, maybe it’s time to pay a little more and go with another carrier, ‘ ” he said.

FAA associate administrator of safety Ali Bahrami defended the agency’s performance by pointing to the lack of a fatal crash involving a USA airline since 2009, and said FAA regulation “has been very successful” in pushing airlines “to the highest level of safety”. And he says this year, the airline has reported incidents like emergency landings and diversions are happening about half as often as they did in 2015. They were anxious about the babies.

When asked whether he or his family members would fly Allegiant, Booth said, “Not right now”.

“The airline is a business that does business here at the airport”.

“Ogdensburg International Airport (OGS) is accomplishing great things for the local economy and safety in aviation is number one”.

A discount airline popular among Metro Vancouver travellers has come under fire after an American television program raised alarming questions about its safety record over the weekend. Most flights out of Mesa are operated with Airbus aircraft.

The report suggested that the problems are a result of the aging Boeing MD-80s that Allegiant plans to phase out by year’s end, but which now comprise approximately 30% of its fleet.

60 Minutes Preview: Is Allegiant Airlines Safe to Fly?


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