The Real Health Benefits Behind Wearing a Waist Trainer

Nov 9, 2018

Whether you’re trying to lose 30 pounds or just trying to get toned, weight loss and muscle gain isn’t easy. We could use every little boost to reach our fitness goals, which sometimes means experimenting with fitness fads. One of the most recent gym crazes is the tummy-slimming waist trainer for men that fitness junkies can’t get enough of.

Also known as the tummy tuck belt or compression tank top, you’ve probably seen some influencers endorsing that “insta slim” body shaper for men on social media. Since it’s just a paid endorsement, it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s just flashy advertisement. Of course, no one wants to spend crazy amounts of money on gym gear and health supplements that don’t work. This is why we’ve broken down how a men waist trainer works with real facts, as well as unveiling some of the gimmicky myths.

It’s so important to keep in mind that there’s no magical slim tank top that’s going to permanently scorch away fat cells. Like anything in fitness, it’s going to take plenty of hard work, determination, and will power. As long as you’re keeping up with a healthy nutrition and workout plan, wearing a men waist trainer cautiously will only improve your results.

Here are all the real benefits of wearing a men’s slimming tank top to help you lose inches around your midsection.


  1. Burns calories around the core

 If you’re planning on wearing a men waist trainer while exercising, it can actually help you burn calories around your midsection. The good news is: a slimming tank top for men does help burn calories around your abs because it increases your body’s thermal activity. However, don’t expect to burn calories in a compression tank top while watching TV.

Since you’re wearing an extra layer, it’ll cause your body to sweat more because you’re simply wearing more clothing. While sweating in general is only temporary water-weight loss, it’s also a sign that you’re working out as hard as you should be, which means real results in the long run.


  1. Slims your belly in seconds

 This is probably one of the most obvious benefits of wearing a men waist trainer. It actually does what it claims and cinches your waistline in seconds. Depending on the style of men slimming tank top, some include a tummy tuck belt with hooks, like the Nexypro Tank Top on, which wraps around the belly to provide that corset-like effect.

The only downside is that this “slimming” effect is only temporary, just like any shapewear for men. The main purpose of these garments is to give you “insta slim” results before a reunion or party so that you can look your absolute best. While you can complement this with clean eating and exercise, you can’t expect a men waist trainer to work like magic either.


  1. Improves posture

According to some doctors, one of the most overlooked health benefits of wearing a men waist trainer is that it can improve posture. Everyone is so fixated on losing weight with these garments that some of the other benefits become forgotten. This is especially beneficial for men with back problems, but you should wear a girdle for men with caution.

How it works is that it can stimulate your ab muscles to improve posture, but you should make sure that you’re wearing a compression tank top that fits properly. Since these fitness tops are known for cinching the waistline, they usually run smaller than normal garments, like the Nexypro waist trainer sold on Differio. With that said, if you’re using it for posture, you should make sure you’re wearing a compression belt that isn’t so tight that it harms your back. Additionally, you should consult your physician before trying a new health regimen.


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