Tornadoes in southern US leave 17 dead

She said she heard on television the tornado was a few minutes to the west, stepped outside and saw the storm coming straight up the street. A half-block before arriving at her door, the storm turned to the south and struck the Baldwin home.

About 600 structures were damaged, the majority of which were single-family homes. Around 9 a.m. Monday he was able to see where he could drive across a median and get onto a service road.

Four people are confirmed killed in vehicle accidents near the intersection of two major highways in Garland, east of Dallas.

Two people missing due to the conditions since Wednesday were reported dead on Saturday in MS, bringing the state’s death toll to 10.

More than 20 Alabama counties were reporting washed out roads and bridges, Faulkner said.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Tornadoes swept through the Dallas area after dark on Saturday evening causing significant damage while a blizzard was blanketing parts of New Mexico and West Texas with snow, the latest in the nation’s freakish winter weather pattern that sent temperatures plunging to near zero wind chill in the western Plains even as numerous record highs are forecast for the eastern U.S. Residents in Lubbock and Amarillo prepared for a storm expected to begin overnight.

Newly homeless, Perkins said she was happy just to be alive – especially after learning two of her neighbors had died in the storm.

“Until they know for sure where those folks are, they’re going to keep looking, because we’ve had in some cases houses leveled, and they’re just not there anymore”, Flynn said.

In the town of Rowlett near Garland, police spokesman Detective Cruz Hernandez said several people were injured although the exact number was not immediately clear. Three homes were also destroyed.

A line of strong thunderstorms moved into the already storm-battered state Monday morning.

A tornado warning was issued for Escambia County as another possible tornado moved from the Florida panhandle into Alabama.

In Birmingham, Alabama homes and businesses were destroyed by a tornado that tore through the city on Christmas Day, while some of the state has seen record-breaking rains since Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. Seven people died in MS and one person was killed in Arkansas.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is expected to tour the tornado damage in central part of the state.

The 190 roads that were closed by the governor’s request will impact every county in the state.

The youngest victim there was a seven-year-old boy who was killed in a auto with his family.

Inmates from an Alabama correctional facility were evacuated as a precaution to potential flooding caused by the recent heavy rainfall.

The Missouri State Department of Transportation says the closures include eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 in St. Charles County.

Red Eagle is a minimum security correctional facility and is located three miles north of Montgomery near the Tallapoosa River.

A swath of the country from Northeast Texas to OH remained under flood watches Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

A flood warning was in effect late on Saturday afternoon for parts of northern Alabama.

Weather service spokeswoman Susan Buchanan said weather service administrators are actively working to fill the vacant forecaster jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth office.

Damage assessment teams from the National Weather Service spent the day investigating violent Christmas night weather in Central Alabama.

People run as weather sirens sound as a severe storm passes over downtown Dallas Saturday Dec. 26 2015 in Dallas. The National Weather Service said the Dallas area was under a tornado warning Saturday


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