Woman held in Vegas crash had pot in her system

Jan 1, 2016

The woman charged with murder after plowing into pedestrians on the Las Vegas strip earlier this month, killing one, had active marijuana in her blood at the time, officials announced Wednesday.

After the crash, Lakeisha allegedly drove away to the Tuscany Suites and Casino where she parked her auto – that still had her three-year-old daughter inside – and told the valet that she had hit some people. Besides murder, child endangerment and felony hit-and-run.

The report shows that Holloway tested positive for marijuana, and marijuana metabolites, according to a Metro news release. Her system also showed 23.6 nanograms per milliliter of marijuana metabolites while the state’s limit for that is 5-nanogram, AP reported.

Holloway’s court-appointed defense attorneys, Joseph Abood and Scott Coffee, said the amounts don’t prove that her driving was affected. Translation…it impaired her on a low level, but impaired her nonetheless.

More than 30 people were hurt in the early evening incident, which occurred as the Las Vegas Strip – a popular tourist spot – was bustling with activity.

The Belmont County mom who pleaded guilty to helping her boyfriend rape a child has been sentenced to life in prison, plus ten years.

Holloway, an Oregon-native, was living out of her vehicle before the accident.

Holloway, who is due back in court on January 20, repeatedly drove her Oldsmobile sedan onto the sidewalk, ramming pedestrians as bystanders pounded on the windows and tried to pull open her vehicle door to stop her, police said.

Investigators said she may have been on her way to Texas to see her daughter’s father.

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Oregon driver who hit 37 people on Las Vegas Strip had marijuana in system


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